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You already know how we work. It’s time to find out what our skills are.

We are a creative film production studio

And we have a lot of evidence to prove it! Creativity and originality are the cornerstones of our work and a guarantee of interesting and effective productions.


Before we became Ikona, we were collecting valuable experience. We worked in student media and production companies and that’s how we got to know the film industry inside and out. In 2011, we decided to take our filmmaking passion a step further.

Thanks to persistence and a bit of luck, today we are in the place that we used to dream about. We make the dreams of others come true, we tell interesting stories and we have found the formula for good movies.

I want to discover your method

Filmmaking hacked!

We’re not a marketing agency. We specialise in making films, especially those intended for the internet. Thanks to this, we’re able to answer all questions regarding film production.
– Piotr Radziemski, CEO

Our method is verified and can be easily repeated. This is why our clients feel safe and know the order of our work process, which is systematic and well-structured.
– Grzegorz Zięba, Sales Director

Meet our team

We play as one team, but everyone is responsible for a different part of the game. This means that our fields of expertise don’t overlap and we progress smoothly through the whole process of creating and producing a movie.

Kamila Węcka

Kamila coordinates projects and contacts clients at the production stage. She’s an active music vloger. She listens and comments. You might meet her at interesting concerts and festivals.

Asia Dębowiak
Production assistant

Malwina gets her head around the organisation and logistics of projects and everything that’s connected with a film shoot.

Michał Kwiatkowski

Michał is responsible for editing, and boy, he does it well! At times he does animation and special effects too. You can meet him every year at the Film Spring Open Festival.

Grzegorz Kapelczak

Grzegorz edits movies. He’s quick and precise. He took his first editing steps working on TV news programs. Besides movies, he likes fast cars.

Grzegorz Januszko
Sales manager

Grzegorz is responsible for contact with our clients at both the “Start” and “Finish Line” stages. He listens and helps to find the best solutions. He’s an audiophile, photographer and a gadgeteer.

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